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Advice for First Time Investors

This episode is for the newbies, those that are trying investments for the first time.
For anyone new to the world of investments, there is a wealth of information out there and the first thing Ed and Tristan recommend is to get some good advice before you start.
There is no time too early or too late for someone to start investing; there are products on the market that parents, grandparents, carers or anyone else can use on the birth of a new child, which can stay with them through their young lives and which can create good habits and hopefully become the foundation for a sound investment portfolio as they get older.
Ed and Tristan discuss ways to get started on an investment journey and how to create a decent nest egg for the future. They have some top tips for identifying a time horizon and working towards saving and investing for some clear life-goals.
This pod explains the different types of investment assets, the risks and rewards that are attached to them and what they represent in terms of a portfolio for later life.
If you are looking for some good advice as a first time investor or wondering how to create some wealth on behalf of someone else, this pod is for you.