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Is ESG Investing Sustainable?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are at the top of the agenda for many businesses, and while it’s understandable that this may be driven as much by business interest as a genuine concern for ESG issues, it’s also clear that investors are increasingly considering ESG factors in their investment decisions.

DId you know that by ‘greening’ your pension you might be able to cut your carbon footprint up to 21 times more than by making lifestyle or behavioural changes like going vegetarian, switching energy supplier, reducing travel and in particular flights combined? (source www. makemymoneymatter.co.uk/21x/ )

For this and many other reasons ESG investing is becoming more popular. It is a way to build a more ethical portfolio, and the benefits of adopting this strategy go beyond a good conscience as funds provide good yields and as shareholders, you have a far greater voice in how companies discharge their ESG obligations, but how many people actually understand it?

On this pod Ed and Tristan explore the benefits of ESG investing and explain just how powerful greening your pension can be in taking steps to tackle the climate crisis.

If you have ever considered ESG investing and want to know more about it, this pod is for you.