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How to Own Your Retirement

This podcast is called ‘Own Your Retirement’. How do we plan for the future we want? What are the steps we need to take in order to achieve the goals we want for our future life after work? In this episode Ed and Tristan discuss the positive way to plan for this stage of life, about how important it is to visualise what we want and then work backwards to our current point on that journey to work out what we need to do.

It’s important that anyone planning for their retirement decides what they want in it; what type of holidays will they go on? How many? What type of house will they own and what hobbies will they keep and what new ones will they pick up with more free time?

Ed and Tristan discuss the magic numbers – the size of pot that provides the income levels required to sustain these different levels of lifestyle but also where new savings can be made without a daily commute.

It is never too late, or too early to start planning for the retirement you want and if you want to understand more about how to take charge of your life after work, listen on.