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Is ESG Investing Sustainable?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are at the top of the agenda for many businesses, and while it’s understandable that this may be driven

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1% Gains

This episode of the Wealth of Positivity podcast is all about the small marginal gains that we can all make to our savings and investments

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Advice for First Time Investors

This episode is for the newbies, those that are trying investments for the first time. For anyone new to the world of investments, there is

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How to Own Your Retirement

This podcast is called ‘Own Your Retirement’. How do we plan for the future we want? What are the steps we need to take in

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Bright Blue Monday

The third Monday of January – the 16th this year – is typically referred to as Blue Monday. It was awarded this rather gloomy moniker

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The Wealth of Positivity Trailer

Ed McKenzie & Tristan Johnson bring you A Wealth of Positivity. This is THE podcast for optimists; those looking for a more positive opinion–a different