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Intergenerational wealth management

Securing wealth for years to come

Intergenerational wealth management is a comprehensive approach to managing and preserving wealth across multiple generations. McKenzie and Co specialises in guiding families through the complexities of wealth transfer, succession planning, and financial stewardship. 


Intergenerational wealth management involves strategies aimed at preserving and growing wealth while ensuring its smooth transfer from one generation to the next. It encompasses financial planning, estate planning, tax optimisation, and intergenerational communication to create a lasting legacy.


Our advisers can facilitate open and honest discussions among family members to understand their collective goals and values. They can then help align the family’s financial aspirations, philanthropic objectives, and long-term vision, ensuring that any wealth management strategies implemented reflect the family’s shared values and objectives.


One of the ways we can support your intergenerational wealth planning is to provide guidance on effective wealth transfer strategies, taking into account tax-efficient methods, gifting strategies, and charitable giving options. They help families maximise the value of their assets while minimising potential tax burdens, ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generations.


We recognise that for some – perhaps younger members of the family- this may be the first time they have discussed wealth management, investments or saving so one of the key elements of our support is to educate future generations about financial literacy and empower  them to make responsible wealth management decisions. 


Intergenerational wealth management is essential for families seeking to preserve and grow their wealth while passing on their values and legacy to future generations. McKenzie and Co financial advisers can offer families their expertise, extensive knowledge and objective guidance to  navigate the complexities of wealth transfer, succession planning, investment management, and philanthropy, ensuring a lasting financial legacy for generations to come.

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